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Abhishek and Aishwarya, speaking at the launch of the tour at the IIFA in Bangkok, said they were quite excited to connect with their fans at each of the venues. “We have such an incredible connect with our fans. We hope that we manage to satiate in our line up of performances. We get overwhelmed... we are so touched. Like even here we see these screaming fans and we want to be able to stop and talk and take photographs with all of them. I always say that we are the three constitutes of our world what we do, what you all as press do and then are fans. We all work together… Three of us come together and I think this world tour we have planned out is going to be so much of fun,” says Ash.

Akshay Kumar will be joining the Unforgettable Tour in their inaugural show in Toronto on July 18 while Madhuri will be performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlantic City, New York and Vancouver. Having performed together with Madhuri, Aishwarya says that she can''t wait to share the stage with the superstar once again.

“I’m looking forward to work with all the actors on the tour. We all are great friends. And as far as dancing with Madhuri is concerned I loved working with her in Devdas… and I think we all are great fans of her acting and dancing. Even before I joined the industry I was a fan of hers and then for me to get a chance to work with her… it was a privilege. She’s a goddess at it. We had a blast doing it and I’m definitely looking forward to dancing with her on stage!”

Abhishek says that he is quite worried about the tour as this is his first world tour.

“I am petrified of dancing and so I just hope it goes off well!” says Bachchan Jr. only to be interrupted by the missus, “I keep telling him how much fun it is. Pa has been on his jumma chumma tour many years back. And so has Preity… and I’m sure he will have as much fun as we all have had through the years meeting with our fans.”

About dancing and performing together for the first time after marriage, Ash says “This won’t be the first time we will be dancing together after marriage! Let me tell you that… but yea of course dancing together on stage was at IIFA last year on Kajra Re. We were totally jamming with the audience. And that’s when we decided that we have to do a world tour together! And so here we are.”
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She has conquered beauty pageants, married into India’s de facto first family and starred in blockbuster movies in the world’s two largest film industries. Now, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan can add one more notch on her belt — Mattel. The American company known for developing a blonde model doll for young Western girls, Mattel has announced they are creating an Indian version of Barbie modeled after Rai Bachchan.

Once developed, Rai Bachchan will be the first Indian actress to have a Barbie doll modeled after her. The figurine will feature the Bollywood actress’s signature green eyes, as well as a wardrobe from top Indian designers.

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aishwarya rai bachchan
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