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* Government in Urdu/Persian/Hindi
* An historic administrative unit, used mostly in the Muslim states of the Indian subcontinent.It was a territorial division of a Suba or province. A Sarkar was further divided into territorial divisions for the administrative purpose which were called Mahals or Parganas. The Mahals or Parganas consisted of villages which were measured and entered as Chaks.
* Sarkar usually meant 'government'; also used to refer to anyone who was deemed to represent it during the Mughal period of India history. It crept into general speech and used to address a person with some political authority.

[edit] Places

* S…ôrkar, Azerbaijan

[edit] Sarkar film series

* Sarkar (film), the title of a 2005 Bollywood film
* Sarkar Raj, the sequel to Sarkar

[edit] Sarkar family name

* Sarkar is a surname among the Bengalis, predominantly in India (mostly in the States of West Bengal and Tripura) and Bangladesh. This surname is spelt in different ways such as Sarkar, Sarker, Sorkar, Sarcar, Sircar or Sorcar.
* Philosopher: Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.
* Magicians : P.C.Sorcar (Father) and P.C.Sorcar, Jr (Son)
* Pradeep Sarkar(of Parineeta fame)
* Musician (Sitar player) : Sanjeeb Sircar
* Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister of Tripura etc.
* Sarkar is also honourable title used by the Royal Kshatriyan Maratha 96k clans
* Bengali bramhins working as nawabs ministers were also called Sarkar during the Mughal era.
* Today mostly Kayasthas use this surname.
* Manik Sarkar, Politburo member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and governor of Tripura
* Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, social and spiritual philosopher
* P. C. Sorcar (father) and P. C. Sorcar, Jr. (son), renowned magicians
* Pradeep Sarkar, ad-film and feature-film director (of Parineeta fame)
* Manick Sorcar, entrepreneur
* Sumit Sarkar, renowned modern Indian Historian
* Pijushkanti Sarkar, renowned Rabindrasangeet artist
* Sir Jadunath Sarkar,renowned historian who lived during the first half of the 20th century and got knighted in 1938.
* Dr. Nilratan Sarkar, famous doctor of Bengal
* Dr. Mahendralal Sarkar, a renowned doctor, treated Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Deva.
* Sunetra Sarker, English actress, most natoble for her role as Dr Hanna on Casualty.
* Dr. Ajoy Sarkar,renowned textile professor

Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress
Katrina Kaif In No Dress


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