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Akshay Kumar is surely giving Shahrukh a run for his money. Just when all thought there could never be a soul within sniffing distance of Khanbhai, Akshay has come close to the crown prince’s tag.

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Akshay Kumar is coming all out for his next project Blue. The movie Blue, will also be starring Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan, and Katrina Kaif. Each of them is shooting fairly strenuously as the project has already been floored.

The movie will be based on the theme of Shipwreck and treasure, thus most of the shooting will take place under water. All the actors have been methodically trained in scuba diving in Bangkok.

Lara Dutta is working out to push through the flab meter. She is reportedly working extremely hard for this venture and will sport a bikini. Now, the last statement must have let the oglers begin to weave a lot of imagination. For all those who remember her sporting a bikini earlier, this will be an all new avatar. Lara has also learnt all the swimming tricks, something that she was hardly acquainted with earlier.

Aarav is the reel name which Akshaye will be keeping in the movie; this is quite a departure from the garish Bacchhan Pande.

Akshay kumar is an attested deep sea diver. His list of injuries continues though. He had been given a shot where he was to be at a depth of 75 feet and was to be infested by 30 sharks. Unfortunately he got stuck with the shipwreck and began to bleed.

A.R. Rehman will be directing the music for the movie

the blue katrina kaif pictures

blue katrina kaif pictures Wallpapers

blue katrina kaif picture

Katrina Kaif in beautiful blue saree while signing as an brand ambassador of Nakshatra.
Check out her heavy embroidery blouse .

blue katrina kaif pictures

blue katrina kaif pictures

Katrina Kaif bewitching in blue at Audi launch party

Katrina Kaif exuded sophisticated charm in a blue figure hugging one shoulder dress at Audi Q5 Launch Party at India Bulls Centre, South Mumbai on Thursday, June 4.
blue katrina kaif pictures audi


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