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Actor Kareena Kapoor is busy shooting in Venice for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kambakht Ishq. And one wonders how the vegetarian is coping with her diet and staying away from the Venetian wonders. BT speaks to her dietician-nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. Called the ‘chana-singdaana’ girl of the fraternity thanks to her constant munching of chana and peanuts on the sets, Kareena has stunned everybody. So what does Bebo do to eat right - take her dietician and cook along with her wherever she goes, perhaps?

the kareena kapoor diet plan
kareena kapoor diet plan pic
kareena kapoor diet plan images
kareena kapoor diet plan poster
Kareena Kapoor
kareena kapoor diet plan photo

Kareena Kapoor has turned writer for her dietician Rujuta Diwekar! Confused? Well Bebo has written a foreword in Rujuta Diwekar's bestselling book, Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and in that she has herself revealed her breakfast secrets that lead to her size zero figure.

Kareena Kapoor
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"Rujuta has changed my perception towards diets and dieting. She has taught me to eat well, eat right and eat regularly. I started working with her around the time I started work on Tashan. The results are for all to see.

My size zero became a topic of national interest. The media asked me if it was diet or exercise. It was a combination of both; 70% diet and 30% exercise-training and yoga, " writes Kareena in her foreword.

Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor diet plan photos
"Rujuta understands my work and lifestyle and has given me a diet totally customised to my needs. My diet on work days is different from my diet on shoot days. It even on varies on shoot days, like it is different if I have to dance or perform. The meal is planned according to my level of activity."

"In Mumbai, my breakfast is muesli and milk or a chillah or parathas; no chai or coffee. While shooting for Tashan in Ladakh. I ate fresh fruit for breakfast and thukpas and momos for my other meals. I had pudina tea without milk.

On the last day, I was allowed pizza as well. In Kerala, I had idlis and appams. In Italy it was risotto and pasta with gorgonzola; half portions though, not full."

"I make sure I eat every two hours. My evening snack or meal is soy milk or a sandwich. Rujuta focuses on nutrition, not calories. Amazingly, she likes to keep the nutritional value of what you eat, as compared to the calories consumed, high.

Kareena Kapoor
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I have learnt what she means when she says, "be smart about food" and still enjoy
what you eat. Now thanks to this book, you can (learn) too and I am sure you will find it good enough to eat, " signs off the svelte and gorgeous superstar.

Kareena kareena kapoor diet plan pics

Sajid Nadiadwala's 'Kambakht Ishq' is certainly looking more than promising, what with Akshay Kumar's death defying stunts and Kareena Kapoor's size-zero body in bikinis!

The feisty babe is all set to give her beau, Saif Ali Khan, some sleepless nights as she strips down to a two-piece to get close and intimate with Akshay, who will be luring the lady in nothing but trunks.

While Kareena's two-piece look has been designed by Akki Narula, Akshay Kumar's look has been done by Shabina Khan. The 'Khiladi' wants to give his best shot in the shorts - and, sources say: "Akshay is on a restricted diet for the last 40 days."

The twosome is sure to send temperatures soaring, as they perform some underwater sequences for the film, in the exotic locales of a scenic village in Venice.

To create an underwater effect, a fairly expensive set was put up. A suburban swimming pool was first drained of all the water. Thereafter, a replica of a Venetian lansdscape was created by noted set designers, Acropolis. While the mountains were made of acrylic, the coral for the coral reef was flown in from Venice.


kareena kapoor diet plan


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