If it’s a crutch, it has to be Katrina Kaif 2010 (imk)

Prakash Jha does not need Bollywood stars as “crutches” but Katrina Kaif would not be a bad catch.The filmmaker-turned-politician, named the Lok Janshakti Party candidate from Bettiah in Bihar, was today practically forced by reporters to concede that he would not mind if the attractive star campaigned for him. “She is welcome to campaign if she wants to,” Jha said of the actress of his film Rajniti, in which Katrina’s character is supposed to resemble Sonia Gandhi.

Soon after Ram Vilas Paswan made the announcement, Jha, dressed in a kurta-pyjama, was bombarded with questions on which star he would like to catch votes for him. When reporters persistently put Katrina’s name in his mouth, Jha finally gave in.It is, however, unlikely that Katrina will campaign for Jha. Both Jha and his party boss Paswan are against the glamour quotient in politics.“We are a socialist party and would not like to show stars campaigning,” Paswan said later.

Besides touching on Katrina, Jha talked about his foray into politics and sent out a message to actors aspiring for a career in politics.“I have some advice for film stars: politics is very serious business. Only those who want to and can work for the people should enter politics. Many saw his statement as a possible jibe at Govinda’s stint as Congress MP from Mumbai North, but Jha did not elaborate.Talking of himself, he added: “My purpose in entering politics is a natural extension of my work… the kind of films I have made and the work I want to do.”


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